Garnet Area

January birthstone - Garnet.
This gemstone, which holds the meaning “transform negative emotions into positive energy”, is the theme of this area embellished with a new color of illumination. Sense the bustling and excitement perfect for the entrance with the keynote of a passionate red glow.

  • 01

    Golden Merry-Go-Round

    The amusement park’s symbol, “Merry-go-round”, is lit up in golden light. Take the opportunity to see its glamour from the top of the stairway, located by the park entrance.
    *This is an image from the previous year.

  • 02

    Golden Bandit

    The long struts of the most popular roller coaster, Bandit, are illuminated. The sight of its golden glow makes the park even more vibrant.
    *The image is provided here for illustrative purposes.

  • 01

    Metasequoia Jewelry Tree

    The Metasequoia tree, characterised by its conical shape, shines in new gemstone “passion jewelry colors”. By also decorating the trees with gold-colored illuminations, it has created a number of distinctive sculptures.



  • Starlight Bandit ~Shooting Star Roller Coaster~

    Our most popular roller coaster "Bandit" will once again this winter be turned into a shining roller coaster that uses a shooting star motif after sunset to race through the night sky. The fiery display right after it starts is also noteworthy.
    *This is a picture from last year.

    1,000 yen per ride
    Ages 6 and up at least 120 cm tall
    *A One-Day Pass or a Night Pass can be used.