Moonstone area

June birthstone - Moonstone.
This gemstone, which holds the meaning “symbolize eternal youth and love”, is the theme of this area that is decorated like a moon in the night sky.
A twenty-five meters tall and thirty meters wide sculpture “Grand Sculpture of Birthstone and Gold” shines majestically within the area.

  • 01

    The Grand Sculpture of Birthstone and Gold

    The four grand sculptures that are as tall as 25 meters, depicting the birth of gemstones and gold from deep underground, and ascending up into the sky.
    The depiction of glittering gold, birthstone, and fine gemstones is sublime and makes for an outstanding illumination spot, bringing thrills and delight as if exploring a mine.

  • 02

    Jewelry Ski Slope

    A colorful ski slope extends out from the grand sculptures. The ever popular activity “Tube Slider”, a sled-ride down an illuminated slope, also makes an appearance.
    *This is an example of what it looks like.



  • Tube Slider

    One slides down a slope of light stretching out from the colossal “grand sculpture” on a dedicated sled.
    Enjoy an entirely new experience by sliding down in a sled over countless shining LED lights.
    ※This is a picture from last year.

    October 22, 2020 - March 7, 2021
    300 yen for 1 sled for 10 minutes
    Until 15 minutes before the park closes
    Ages 3 and up, and kids 5 and younger need to be accompanied
    *Canceled in the rain.
    *No pass of any kind can be used.

  • Sweets Corner

    Food trucks gather, serving hot drinks that are perfect for cold nights, and light meals to satisfy an appetite. Spend a heartwarming moment watching over your child enjoying the Tube Slider, with a hot drink in one hand.
    *Open on November 3
    *This is a picture from last year