Ruby area

July birthstone - Ruby.
This gemstone, which holds the meaning “protect the owner from danger and misfortune, and bring happiness”, is the theme of this area that shines in a red to pink tone.
The whole area is an illumination spot sparkling with “a message of the gold bell and birthstone”. When the wind blows the sound of bells fills the area, creating a space rich in kindness and tranquility.

  • 01

    A Message of the Golden Bell and Birthstone

    Sparkling golden bells are installed, filling the area with the kind sound of bells when the wind blows. Enjoy a tranquil space created by the glittering illumination and the clear sound of the bells.
    *This is an example of what it looks like.



  • Wish bell

    A participatory activity where you write your thoughts and wishes on a strip of paper and attach it.
    We will give you a special paper ring with the strips. If you can attach a golden bell and a strip of paper while holding hands with the paper, your thoughts and wishes may come true.

    500 yen
    From 16:00 to closing

    *Canceled in the rain.
    *No pass of any kind can be used.