Peridot Area

August birthstone - Peridot.
This gemstone, which holds the meaning “symbolize eternal youth and love”, is the theme of this area that is decorated like a moon in the night sky.
A twenty-five meters tall and thirty meters wide sculpture “Grand Sculpture of Birthstone and Gold” shines majestically within the area.

  • 01

    Jewelry Harvest

    Large walls are covered by a sheet of illumination and lit up by golden light from below.
    This is a perfect photogenic spot to take commemorative photos.
    *The image is provided here for illustrative purposes.

  • 02

    Jewelry Gold Cup

    A spinning carnival ride “Hashibiro GO!” is lit up by this year’s golden light theme.
    The imposing sight, as if a huge gold cup is swaying from side to side, is a memorable spot.
    *The image is provided here for illustrative purposes.

    600 yen per ride
    At least 120 cm tall
    *A One-Day Pass or a Night Pass can be used.