Pool WAI has an indoor restaurant!

Information about the high-quality food and great shops in Pool WAI.

Restaurant La Piscine

Restaurant La Piscine—Pool WAI’s main restaurant—provides indoor dining!
Enjoy ramen, curry, rice bowl dishes, and lots more in a vibrant space.


- Soy sauce ramen 800 yen

- Salty broth ramen 800 yen

- Pork broth ramen 850 yen

- BIG deep-fried chicken ramen (soy sauce or salt broth) 950 yen

- Curry rice 700 yen

- Hamburger steak curry 950 yen

★Special menu

- Gapao (Thai stir-fried) rice 900 yen

- Taco rice 1,000 yen

- Green curry 950 yen

★Colossal menu

- Colossal soy sauce ramen 1,200 yen

- Colossal festive curry 1,200 yen

★Kids’ menu

- Kids’ curry 730 yen

- Kids’ ramen 730 yen


- Melon soda tropical punch float 500 yen

- Blue lychee soda tropical punch float 500 yen


- Soft drinks From 300 yen

- Iced coffee latte 400 yen

- Heineken beer 550 yen

*We also have other menus.
And if you’re really thirsty, our Night Pools Premium Beer Garden opens July 13 (Saturday)!

Pool WAI Shop!


- Rubber tube From 1,000 yen

- Beach ball From 600 yen

- Flip-flops From 350 yen

- Glasses band From 100 yen

- Rash vest Junior vests from 2,500 yen / 
Adults vests from 1,900 yen

- Goggles From 540 yen

- Waterproof case From 880 yen

- Sunscreen From 780 yen

- Picnic sheet (x 1) From 300 yen

- Swimming diapers From 580 yen

- Men’s swimsuit From 1,980 yen

- Women’s swimsuit From 3,480 yen

- Junior's swimsuit From 2,480 yen

- Sunshade From 2,600

*Other items also available.
*Prices and items are subject to change.

Pool WAI is proud to serve only the most delicious food!

Nisshin Yakisoba UFO Snack Bar

Nisshin Yakisoba UFO–the immensely popular souvenir of Japan–now has a special snack bar in Pool WAI! Don’t miss the Nisshin Yakisoba UFO Mayo Muso set and its mind-blowing topping of thick, rich sauce and mayonnaise!

Nisshin Yakisoba UFO Mayo Muso set 500 yen
(add a drink for 100 yen)

ReiRin Sabo – Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Specialty Teahouse

Summer 2019 saw Pool WAI’s bubble teahouse open for business! Tapioca pearls boiled meticulously with brown sugar interweaves with fragrant tea. Experience a glass of bliss! With eight drink flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just for you!

Brown sugar tapioca pearl tiger milk 600 yen

Brown sugar tapioca pearl matcha milk 600 yen

Brown sugar tapioca pearl jasmine milk tea 500 yen

Brown sugar tapioca pearl mango jasmine tea 500 yen

Ice Parfait

Ice infused with a crisp, refreshing flavor and topped with an airy yet thick espuma. Different combinations produce a variety of unique flavors and colors!?
This special shaved ice will make all others seem bland!

Strawberry shaved ice x condensed milk espuma 800 yen

Kichigo – Deep-fried Chicken from Nakatsu

Nakatsu deep-fried chicken specialist Kichigo took out the top prize in the salty sauce category of the 2019 Japanese Deep Fry Grand Prix. Don’t miss out!

Kichigo deep-fried chicken 600 yen

*Takeout OK
*We also have other menus.


Try genuine Kumamoto ramen—the pride of Kyushu.

Kumamoto ramen 800 yen

Long Fries

These lengthy fries can’t be contained! Choose a delicious topping!!

Long Fries 500 yen

*We also have other menus.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

When it comes to ice cream, this brand reigns supreme in both Japan and the US. Try one of the 16 flavors perfected for summer.

Small 350 yen

Regular 450 yen

Small double 600 yen

Regular double 800 yen

Marion Crepes

Marion Crepes attracts huge crowds in Harajuku. There are around 40 types of super-tasty, freshly made crepes!

Chocolate special 500 yen

Banana special 500 yen

Strawberry jam special 500 yen

Banana chocolate special 550 yen

Blueberry cheese special 550 yen

*We also have other menus.