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A beer festival for foreigners who visit Japan for watching rugby that combines the German "Octoberfest" beer festival with a Japanese festival

Japanese | English
Japanese | English
Japanese | English


Enjoy 8 types of world beers, including two of the six leading brewers in Germany, “Hofbräu” and “Spaten-Franziskaner”, together with “Heineken”, a beer brand famous in more than 192 countries.
Place: Oktoberfest JAPAN Venue

Price of each item: from 800 yen

Non-alcoholic drink


A variety of German soul food selections, such as German sausage and curry Wurst, which are unique to Oktoberfest

Festival Event

A festival event for both Japanese and foreign visitors to enjoy together!* some events may be canceled when it rains

World Music
World Music

Listen to live world music to enjoy your beer even more!Time 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 *Will be canceled when it rains

  • Chef de Rhythm

    Chef de Rhythm

    On stage: Sep. 22(Sun), Oct. 13 (Sun) , 14 (Monday/Holiday)

  • Mich and Hansy

    Mich and Hansy

    On stage: Sep. 21(Sat), 29 (Sun) , Oct. 5(Sat), 6(Sun), 12(Sat), 19(Sat)

  • Performer Jodlerin Sakura Kitagawa und die Edelweißmusikanten

    Performer Jodlerin Sakura Kitagawa und die Edelweißmusikanten

    Performances of Yodel, Alphorn and Cowbell

    On stage:Oct. 19(Sat), 20(Sun) 12:00/16:00

Japanese Music
Japanese Music

A novel Japanese live performance based on the fusion concept of sword fighting and Japanese culture!



On stage: Oct. 5(Sat), 12(Sat) Every day at 12:00 and 16:00 (Place: Taiyo no Hiroba Stage) *Will be canceled when it rains

Street Performance
Street performance:

Enjoy a very amusing and slightly thrilling street performance with world-class skillsTime 14:00, 16:00, 18: 00  *Will be canceled when it rains



    On stage: Sep. 21(Sat) , Oct. 13(Sun)

  • BokuyuI


    On stage: Sep. 22(Sun) , Oct. 14(Monday/Holiday)

  • ZEN


    On stage: Sep. 23(Monday/Holiday) , Oct. 5(Sat)



    On stage: Sep. 28(Sat) , Oct. 6(Sun)

  • Eccentric Yoshida

    Eccentric Yoshida

    On stage: Sep. 29(Sun)



    On stage: Oct. 12(Sat)

  • Sub limit

    Sub limit

    On stage: Oct. 19(Sat)

  • Oroshiponzu


    On stage: Oct. 20(Sun)

Aomori Nebuta Exhibition

The "Aomori Nebuta Festival" is well-known as one of the fire festivals in Japan

Aomori Nebuta Festival
In 2016, there was an exhibition of the Nebuta Mask* worn in "The Battle of Fancheng", made by Takashi Kitamura, the sixth generation Nebuta Master.* Nebuta Mask: A cut-out part of the mask part of a Nebuta float. The Nebuta Mask is an essential part of the float that symbolizes the “Nebuta's life”.

Rugby Events
Rugby Events

Rugby events for everyone who comes to watch rugby games in Japan will be held. The events can be enjoyed by everyone, even by those who do not know anything about rugby.

Rugby Experience Event: Tackle Measurement Machine

Rugby Experience Event: Tackle Measurement Machine

Tackling is the best part if in a rugby game!
Measure your tackle power and become a tackle champion!

Dates: Sept 21 (Sat)~Oct. 20 (Sun) Open only on weekends and holidaysTime 11:00~17:00Price: Free

Lipovitan D presentsRugby Quiz Rally

A quiz rally on Rugby will be held for everyone to enjoy Rugby games! The first 1500 people who can answer all questions correctly will be able to try a bottle of Lipovitan D each!

Sky Gate at the park entrance* Lipovitan D can be exchanged when you are leaving the amusement park.
Sept 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun),
Oct. 5 (Sat), 6 (Sun), 12 (Sat), 13 (Sun), 14 (Monday/Holiday)
Exchange Time
from 16:00 every day*Limited to the first 1500 people each day
Designated quasi-drug Fatigue Recovery

Adult (over 15 years old): One bottle a day (100mL)

Lipovitan D

Calendar Dates: Sept 21 (Sat)~Oct. 20 (Sun)
Open only on weekends and holidays
Place: Café Lanlan in front of event space
Price: Free ※Separate admission fee is required
※People who alcohol drink can't ride the attraction.
We ask you to ride attraction before drinking.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30          
Time 10:00~20:00
Time 09:00~20:00
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31    
Time 10:00~20:00
Time 09:00~20:00

Discount Ticket

A 50%-OFF ticket only for foreign visitors to Japan to ride the Keio Line for one day is now on sale. You can go to Tokyo Stadium, a rugby venue, with this One-Day Train Ticket, You will surely get excited if you visit the “Octoberfest JAPAN” before the game!

Included in the ticket:
Keio Line One-Day Ticket + Amusement park entrance fee + 3 attractions
Sales Website:
Please purchase the ticket from the following website

* You can redeem the above ticket at Shinjuku Station “Chubu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku”. Please be sure to redeem your ticket at Shinjuku Station.* Please show your passport when you exchange your ticket.